Under the skin - the essence of man

What does it mean to be human? Oddly enough, nobody could encompass the answer in one satisfactory description. I`m saying that it is odd because we are human and we live every day as one; yet we don`t have a clue what makes us tick. Yes, we have feelings, thoughts, a body, beliefs, so on and so forth but we are none of those. We, what we are that is, have those qualities. Similar to how a piece of wood is not only its color, shape or density but a perfect mixture of these, so we could say that we are a mixture of all that we can think we have. But what about those parts we either don`t know they exist or we don`t know what they are in themselves? For example the mind. Or who/what is IT that thinks it has those parts that were enumerated above? The deeper we go the harder it is to find an answer. Something about this sounds familiar though. What in this world holds the same mistery and leaves one with the same perplexity when looking deep into its essence? Why, the world itself of course. Each way we are looking, be it out into the Universe or towards inside to the molecular level, there is an infinity of space and existence. When we thought we found the basic stuff that makes everything that we see be what we see, which is the atom, scientists managed to divide it, bringing the scale to an even smaller level of measure. Of course in the future there will be other machines built that can explore to a smaller, tinnier scale where you think there is nothing there to measure, yet it is. The same stands for the outer Universe, the galaxies with their solar systems and clusters of galaxies and on and on.

One would think we would have understood by now that we cannot meassure the quality of life with quantitative measures but alas, scientists will remain scientists. We have to admit that they gave us a very important piece of the human puzzle, which is that we are comprised of a majority of space, as each atom in our body is separated from others by it - same as a galaxy. Now we have to turn to a different kind of scientist to learn more about the human nature, the scientist that fills his time with tunning in to the frequencies of the Universe and the creative - namely the shaman. It might sound a bit official but in shouldn`t. In my opinion, every person who is concerned with the spiritual world is a shaman of some sorts. The shaman explores the Unknown and the Mysterious with or without the help of certain tools and psychedelic substances. As it happens, few days back, a very close friend of mine experienced for the first time a full dose of magic truffles. Now for those who are not familiar with the term feel free to document yourself; for those who know what I`m talking about try to contain your smile so you can read this all the way through.

To make a short background and a base for what is to follow I am going to bring to the readers` attention the term of Oneness. There is said that all that there is is only one being, one existence, one great mind that creates the entire reality each and every one of us is experiencing. It is said to be found in all that surrounds us from stone to human and that each man is here to experience and learn something different - as we are all unique; yet the same to some degree. If we are to take this seriously and think about it, it does make a bit of sense. We are all living on planet Earth which was proven to be a living organism and it can be said the same thing about our galaxy, going on and on until we reach the edge of the known outer and inner space. There is a really intruiging theory, that of Rene Descartes often credited with being the “Father of Modern Philosophy", which talks about the existence of an evil demon. This creature controls all that our mind perceives, so even you reading this might be the trick of this demon, when in fact you are alone and most probably don`t exist in the form you are accustomed with. For the sake of argument we will not go with it, but we will focus on our existence alone and because we feel and experience all that we take part in, we can say we exist. Why these two accounts stand side by side is because both treat the same term of Oneness, but through different, one might say quite radical, approaches. The words don`t really matter, only the idea they transmit. With this said I will go back to the story my friend related to me.

Durring his trip in this misterious world of intensified senses, there were all kind of feelings that took hold of him in the same time; he would alternate from sadness to joy, to love and then to fear and mistrust only to be thrown back into a warm and secure place. What is interesting is that a feeling was governing all others which was that of being alone. A whole world of intense colors and strange behaviour coming from his landscape - that of his room - started to manifest in front of his eyes and his mind was to be found in the centre of the galaxy surrounded by all the stars and planets, yet he felt alone. Strange enough the room felt as a living womb and the floor turned into a river until the next moment when everything started melting and he felt as sliping out of existence. He found himself looking at a world map and witnessed how the continents were shifting and the waters took hold of the planet only to recede and give space yet again to land. He was there when the whole planet started to be populated and people appeared yet he still felt alone; so much so that my friend started crying and hugging himself. He soon realised that his tears were the watters that filled the Earth to begin with and his arms were the land that tried to brace itself. He closed his eyes and he was back in his room, sitting now on a bean bag with some drawing pencils and a paper. The music was playing soft on the background and he was relaxed and filled with light like never before. The moment he drew lines and circles the colors started dancing - dissapearing and reapearing consequently. They took the form of galaxies and from black holes entire worlds would burst just to be reduced yet again to nothingness. Even when he took the tip of the pastel off the paper the colors kept dancing and creating a world of their own. He was witnessing himself on that paper with the power to get consciously involved; so he did. Again stories were brought to life and new beginnings were taking shape at every change of tone. Then he had an ephifany - a reunion as he called it. He stoped and raised his hand to better look at it and then he saw. He understood all. He finally comprehended what he read until then about oneness and God. He was God. Then and there he was the creator of the entire world. Once again the feeling of loneliness installed in his heart and tears appeared in his eyes. Only this time he wasn`t sad anymore but in turn he was filled with love. Love for himself and the world together. He saw in his mind`s eye how He created the world and other people so he will never have to be alone. He made it in such a way that nobody would know, that it would be a game where everybody would feel alone yet would be surounded by millions of people. Now he was looking at his pencil and he understood that in it was the entire essence of man. He remembered the sayings of all the Buddhas when asked what is the meaning of life - to which they would reply a nonsensical answer such as "three pounds of mud". He then burst out laughing for he finally understood what it meant to be a man. The whole experience alone is what is most important. In the eyes of the creator there is neither good nor evil, only the experience. Now, man is conditioned by the definitions of good and evil because we cannot accept life for what it is. There are indeed atrocities that take place, yet this is just another aspect of life, there is nothing that can be done. My friend finally understood what it means to love your neighbour as you love yourself; for a brief moment he was the neighbour - another pair of eyes to see himself for what it is. That`s why when we make eye contact with someone we look at something else imediatly - because we cannot stand to watch ourselves; so we make up all kinds of stories.

From this point on everything started to make sense - all the wars and calamities, the entanglement of nature and the way man is. It was beautiful...better said - it was divine. Streams of tears were rolling down the cheeks and the world was inside his soul. When he came back to his senses he felt as if under the microscope. He felt to be an atom in the body of the Universe with the privilege of enjoying what the world has to offer. Of course some might think this to be the ultimate excuse for all kinds of behavior, but with him stayed another feeling which governs all his actions and thoughs - that of love. For love is the glue that binds all together, and the divine plan is written with red letters. He learned that to hurt others means to hurt himself, which is not wished by anybody...most of the time.

Durring his tale I could see in his eyes at times how sadness was lurking within and imediatly overthrown by excitement and light. Then I understood what it means to be alive and human - be sad when you feel sad and be happy when you feel happy. Don`t choose between the two, they are both your children. There is a beauty in the ugly aswell, sometimes more compeling than its sibling.

You might ask what does this story have to do with the topic of the current issue. Well it has everything to do with it. For me the belief that we are separate from everything else and what we experience and feel is only our own, dissolved. Indeed my hand is different from my coffee mug, but this is just a superficial perspective. What I mean by it is that I am made from the same 'stuff' as the mug; and the galaxy alike if I may add. There is a vibrational field in everything and, as far as we know, we are the peak of these vibrations. We are capable of comprehending we exist; maybe my furniture understands itself also in the same way a leaf is part of the plant, 'alive and kicking' as much as the flower - on this topic Alan Watts puts it very well in his talk entitled 'being a potato'.

As a conclussion I will say that our skin does not separate nor contains whatever we are from the rest. It is, in my humble opinion, a more concentrated field of mater and information that allows one to experience life in the human form; nontheless as part of the One Being.

As it happens today I stumbled over a quote which fits perfectly with the occasion:

"You are immortal; you`ve existed for bilions of years in different manifestaions, because you are life, and life cannot die. You are the trees, the butterflies, the fish, the air, the moon, the sun. Wherever you go, you are there, waiting for yourself." Don Miguel Ruiz