Moon tales


note: extract from Say Pocus, an ongoing project

[...] Pouring himself a cup of the freshly made drink, he sat on the couch present against the wall, with his legs crossed, one arm rested on the sofa's length and the other holding the cup. "From all I've said that's what you responded to? My ability to analyze the ashtray's capacity?" "Oh no, I was about to respond to the other issue also. All in good time though. First let me ask you something Albert. What is it that you want in life?" "Oh come now. Not this discussion again. Every time you have an idea you go down this path. I am content with my decisions made so far. Or better said, I reached that point in life. And quite recently as I was telling you. These last couple of days gave me time to think about it. And it includes what you just asked me. But as you said..all in good time. Give me your resolve just promised and maybe I'll let you in my little secret."

"Fair enough". Blowing patiently over the hot water, he started drinking sip by sip until half of the recipient was empty. In the meantime nothing was said by neither of them, fact that bothered no one present. The night with its bright stars were entertainment enough for anyone crazy enough to pause their routine and look up. In spite of being only half visible, the moon proudly towered the world, brighter than any other celestial object. "You know that people, women in general, sing to a new moon for it to show their chosen one? Maybe I should have done that, instead of coming to you. This is what they say: 'New moon, new moon, I hail thee! By all the virtue in thy body, grant this night that I may see he who my true love is to be'. Quite nice if you have the right picture in mind. Up in the highest of towers, in an abandoned castle, this princess..". "Wait, why in an abandoned tower? How is it that she lives if it is abandoned?" He now stopped sipping and waited with a questioning expression about him. "I don't know. Someone locked her there. Doesn't really matter. Is for effect anyway." Seeing that the beverage is drinkable in terms of temperature, he now started at it making a song of small intakes together with his comrade, that echoed across the room. "So, in this abandoned tower, the princess of an unrivalled beauty <it must be, for the sake of the prayers effectiveness>, is dressed in a bride's garb.." "I can imagine a really bad ending to this scenario. The bride jumps to her own death as the moon repeatedly ignored her requests. She was about to starve anyway; but imagine the contrast made by the white of dress with a deep red blood, slowly draining from under her unmoving body. Now THAT is a nice a way, for the formed eye that is". a chuckle escaped his lips after ending the grotesque description.

Albert was now looking at him with annoyance. "I don't even know why I bother talking to you". A flash of hate crossed his look and just when to go back to his tea a hysterical laugh came from the other. "And who are you to talk with? Don't you see? You are all alone. And all thanks to you. I merely just stood aside and watch..Ok, maybe a bit of interference was present. But still, you were the main character in it all. But let us leave dark thoughts aside. Let me lift your spirits with this short story about that ball up on the sky." After waiting a moment to hear any objections, not receiving such, he began: "It took birth in the Greenlands among the Inuit people. As any other ancient tribe, they had this custom of having a god for any thing that they laid eyes upon. It was no different for the Moon, who would deserve to be considered deity, if things were to be back to that fashion. They referred to it as Aningan or Igaluk; different names are present in the mythology. Regardless of the name, as both lead more or less down the same path, the tale says before it all, Aningan had a sister named Malina. It was a custom within their folk, that at certain nights, young men and women copulate for the sake of continuity. It was just before a night like this that Aningan looked upon all females to decide which was the fairest of them all. As it happened it was his sister the one outshining the rest. Learning the way of her clothes, he searched for her in pitch darkness and found what he was looking for, having her all night long. He would have gotten away with it if greed would not have taken root. He decided to pursue the pleasure of the act the following nights. After being forced repeatedly, the girl decided to stigmatise her tormentor with the lamps' soot and therefore marked her brother in the following evening. When inspecting the next day to find the one responsible, you can imagine the shock suffered when her kin's face was the one that glowed. Covered in shame and sorrow, the following evening she lit a torch and forsaken her people. Not long after, Aningan realizing what happened grabbed one similar and followed her trail. In his rush he didn't manage to properly prepare his light bearer, therefore soon after, he remained in the dark. They continued at it until the girl seeing there is no escape from her brother, she ascended to the sky, thus becoming the Sun, hoping it will mean the end of it. She was profoundly mistaken, as her brother lifted himself in return and took the embodiment of the Moon. Because his light was dim and rapidly extinguished, the night was to be his time of dominion. He is still in chase after his sister, to gain her favours once more. In hoping to finally catch up, he goes without eating until his body grows thinner by the day, resulting in the Moon's phases. During a month, the Moon cannot be seen for some days; that is when Aningan rests to eat and gain strength for a better pursuit." A deep silence took over the room only to be broken by the sip of the story teller. "That is...". "Wait, there is more". Adjusting his voice with a couple of coughs the tale went on. "Back in the tribe, while all this was happening, Tulok, Aningan's nemesis and pretender for the girl's graces, hearing of the incest of his rival devised a plan to reach the sky and kill the Moon. Seeing in the light of day the outcome of his plan, the Sun in spite of all that took place, realized that she still loved Aningan. Therefore, stepping on her promise to never absolve her brother's guilt, she banded with him and formed an eclipse, trapping Tulok in it. Heartbroken by her action, the latter tore his body in a million pieces, thus forming the stars; though, not before vowing to follow Aningan's every move for all eternity so that his one true love will never suffer the torments of the dissolute brother of hers."

The room once again fell silent, broken every now and then by a sip of tea. “Well? How did you like it? You did like it, right? It is a bit to dramatic for my taste but in spite of that, it still delighted me when I first read it.”

“I am not surprised really, that you enjoyed it. It is full of sadness and mischief. I guess it wouldn’t be so entertaining if the two lovers would end up together, or make any sense for that matter. I am a sucker for happy endings… I do wish one for myself someday. I always say the harder the struggle the sweeter the victory. If I w…” he stopped before the other could give any meaning to it. After a moment he reconciled in saying just “Yeah, I liked it.”

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