A world of shadows (short story)


He kept going aimlessly. With the speed of thought yet never moving, stars and worlds together, were left behind. He forgot where he came from or what it was he was heading towards. He long renounced trying to figure it all out. Neither of his kind knew what was happening; the knowledge was that they were and that's that. No destiny ahead, nor history to show one THE path, or any path really. That is how the strange shapes were everywhere, mostly gathered around galaxies, loitering about stars looking for something to do. Every one was crossing the vast and empty space in the hope of finding some form of entertainment, for in their world, paradoxically, considering the whole Universe was their playground, boredom was the master, and a cruel one for that matter; one could be wondering for ages with nothing crossing it`s path. Quite recently as it happened, few galaxies ago, he heard this rumor that in one corner of the Universe there is this new place of great interest and quite fun at times. The tale was revealing some kind of creatures, forms of life that one could use and create matter. At the time he gave no attention to it, as such talks were common around their kind. Now however, the discussion reached his ears yet again and the fervor with which the talker narrated peaked his interest. With his schedule completely open, the decision to go and visit this place called Earth came easily.

In a moment he traveled the cosmos and was now facing the galaxy which comprised the much discussed destination, Milky Way as some called it. Here he discovered this young, small star figuring its way around the place and dragging around her a handful of rocks, each more colorful than the other. One stood apart from them all, with this vivid blue dominating the planet, green and brown mixed in spots all across it and a grey white cloud muffling it in. But not this was the best part. What fascinated our traveler was the thin glow like layer which seemed as emanated by the blue ball. It bore the same deep lively blue, but it contained something else also; similar to a magnetic field, a force that emanated energy and life, that attracted him mostly.

From it few shapes were coming, while from different parts of the landscape new ones were replacing them. Some had a strange feeling about them, none similar ever encountered.

With a hesitant step, he headed to the surface of the planet. Not long it passed until a call was heard. It was similar to a reflex to head towards it. He found that the one giving it away was a peculiar creature, connected to a cord. It had five extremities coming out of its main body, one matching with just one other of the rest, remaining with a fifth alone in its appearance. This one was denser and oval, with holes poked in it. Seeing how delicate it was and scared on top of it, he decided to stay with him in the dark. Barely getting a chance to sit, some door opened and gave way to light. Not the kind given by a star but dimmer and shaky. Together they crossed the doorstep of their cell and, as one, gave up a first cry of victory.

He helped the little one to move his arms and legs as the thing couldn`t do much but lay on the back and yell. Looking at it, he witnessed how it grew and changed appearances. By now the human grew a strange, soft tail that covered part of his round head, as now he learned what were all the five extremities. The color of it was as dark as any black whole he ever encountered, and this fact fascinated him deeply. Soon they were best friends and did everything together; not that Cezar, that's how the weakly human got to be called, could do anything alone. He accompanied it everywhere, in the form of its shadow, the technique learning it from his kinship. All that the thing was, he had a saying in it. Thoughts, interests, curiosities, in all he meddled and shaped it as he saw best. Not in bad spirit; on the contrary, he got to care about it as after himself. They were now one. In the course of time, as time here was present, governing all humans, they came in contact with different people, which most probably had masters of their own hidden in the shadows. To see others how badly were treating their puppets, driving them to do horrible things to one another and their selves was beyond anything he imagined. Not even in his worst nightmare did the episodes taking course in front of his eyes ever occurred. Some might have been explained by different circumstances but the ones that had no reason were the most troubling. They were feeding them the corpses of other creatures, of different kind, forcing it upon them since infancy. Murder was a card often played in settling petty disputes of minor significance such as one regarding earthly possessions. In most places there was a ruler that could decide one's fate with a clap of hands. Horrid scenarios one such person could bring to fruition. All, without doubt, brought upon their mind by the silent puppeteer lurking in the darkness. In contrast, beautiful things were also their doing, with impressive buildings and communities that had as purpose the well being of the ones that comprised it. Different forms of creativity were the peak of mankind, with religions and art and music that delighted one just witnessing it all. It was hard though to keep it pure, as malice took root in the hearts of some, driving both human and shadow alike to terrible actions, carried through or for the few graceful outcomes of the two beings' cooperation.

In time he grew to hate everyone for what was happening. His strongest belief about this new incredible place was being broken to pieces. The idea that one could channel his energy through a human, thus connecting to the core of the Universe's energy, sprouted in his mind somewhere on the way. While in his natural state, only a sense of the here could be experienced; being part of the All, but with too little awareness of it. Now he was given the chance to create a passage towards the edges of space, where no one could ever reach any other way. Regardless how fast one would go, one could still not surpass the speed of the Universe, that is the fastness of its expansion, therefore one being unable to catch from behind the outer edges or reach the inner one by failing to defeat the wave of space and matter coming from it. The spirit long wanted to give meaning to its existence, to understand where all came from and to what end.

Soon however, this strange kind creature managed to change his heart. Seasons came and went away, joy and warmth entangling them in the eve of spring and summer, while winter and autumn were turning both into melancholic and dreamy friends. They got a habit of talking for days about all and nothing, important and trivial subjects, just to be followed by days of complete silence. The harmony was never disturbed; on the contrary while sitting without uttering a word the concentration grew and understanding of the other's feelings came naturally.

If his initial goal was the one mentioned, while Cezar was growing, he gave in and the latter's goals became his. Therefore together they battled the world in abolishing hate and manipulation. To no end though, as every time they were taking a step towards the light, obstacles from ahead and behind alike were tangling their way. In a clear night, when all stars were visible, he remembered how he used to travel and how all places at their core were the same. In this dreamy state the revelation of venturing out in the world came. As befits a savior of mankind, alone they went in the land the rock was possessing, and resolved in changing the world one small piece at a time. Through teachings and kindness, together, they managed to build something beautiful and untouchable by spiteful ones of his kind. Different names were received, but to none he remained. He compromised with the others in naming himself revealer and be done with it. He believed names are of no importance, on the contrary, are harmful for weak puppets with a clumsy master or inexperienced one; names tend to create a feeling of individuality, or the idea of difference between everything and everyone, thus leading to egoism, hate and other dreadful characteristics one could adopt.

Some time passed in this manner, and in spite of all efforts, crime and mischievousness continued to rule mankind. One fateful night, the place they got to call home for the last months, fell under bad fortune. Riders with incredible body strength started filling the town from every side burning and cutting with one swing everything in their path leaving but ash to follow. They wore bone cloaks, from the whiteness of it human most probably, and instead of a round shaped head horns and fur were taking place of the ears and hair giving it a demonic appearance. Not the smile of a baby could persuade them to stop with it all, nor the cry and shrieks of heart broken humans and souls alike. He could see how the masters were not hiding in the shadows but were towering human and beast alike to better see the result of their doings. The way in which the once pure energy, primordial even, let itself corrupted by the joy of some pity ambition left him abashed and turned his stomach, making him sick only to think about it. Sick with them, with the world, with him. Through the efforts of some of the villagers, the now white haired Cezar managed to escape and reach a cave in the mountains. Not long after, he couldn't overcome all the grief anymore. No matter how much he struggled, how much he meditated, he still couldn't stop it from flowing through him. Stopping it meant he was ignoring it, approving it. Such thought could not keep him sane, nor the present state of the world.

Beside himself with sorrow at the realization, he decided to leave it all behind, and, after dropping the strings to the ground, turned and left with the speed of thought and never looked back. He went beyond the limit of time, as in the process of assimilation to the Universe time stops to exist. All that counts is the distance now and he could travel it beyond imagination in an instant, which is an eternity and not.

He now wanted to forget it all, and after millions and trillions of galaxies crossed it finds itself in one corner of the Universe, and did not know the reason for it. A remembrance of a home like feeling takes over, a place somewhere back. Nothing was here to keep him, so he concludes in searching for it and see what it was that stirred him so. In a blink of an eye the shadow finds itself in a dark hall. There he met Yeshua and befriended him. Soon the door to the world opened and together they stepped out to give up a first cry of victory.

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