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From the bottom of my being

A collection of poems, stories and essays about Man and Existence
by Mihai G. Paulet


This is a collection of such writings that initially were just journal entries, thoughts or even vague ideas, but that later came together in the form of this book.


It is an incredible privilege to see them come forth through the filter of my mind and being, teaching me along the way about the human experience that I, together will all of you, am going through.


With great pleasure and thankfulness I offer this e-book, for your enjoyment, growth and, hopefully, discovery of your own inner artist. Share it with your loved ones, or keep it as your little secret; whichever it is, allow yourself to be carried away by the feelings and ideas present within.


The following is the blurb of the book:


In the process of creation there is a kind of wave that takes the artist to different heights or depths of his or her being. The better one is at ‘surfing’ this wave, the more complex and ‘closer to home’ that certain creation is. ‘From the bottom of my being’ is a collection of such works, some in the form of poetry, others in the form of a short story or essay. Each embodies a sincere feeling or thought that hid, and which maybe still does, within my mind and soul.

All an artist can do is to relay life as he/she sees it. This act can be directed towards the outer world where tales of beauty and mythical places are born; or it can be diverted within, where the true challenge lies. To see this latter with all its dimensions and implications that it has for the beholder, is indeed a most difficult task. If however, the journey is made in earnest or at least embarked upon, there are treasures and experiences waiting to be bestowed upon the artist.

My journey is still happening, far from being finished. This book is but a milestone on the way, a resting spot where I revisit the places seen thus far. As a traveller that returns home with tales to tell of distant corners of the world, so am I sharing the lessons encountered thus far on my journey within.



 An Innerartist

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