Who are we?


We are human. As any of us, we are human beings that are looking for connections with us & others like us. We are in search of our essence, our God. A human`s unique caracteristic that makes us what we are: the aknowledgement of our feelings and thoughts, is the tool that will get us there. Knowing that we are capable of love and that love is what we are and seek, will bring it in our lives and put an end to one`s strugle.


We love and are aware that we do so. The thing is, we made ourselves forget what it is that we are fighting for in our life. Careers, money, meditation, hobbies, likes and dislikes, all are contributing, or at least think they are, to one single purpose: that of finding happiness.

Art Mob`s goal is to bring that insight back in our day to day lives. We wish to trigger something inside, that will inspire one in seeing the beauty of life; the ability to offer love and truth to others thus receiving the same thing as a consequence of it.


Many truth seekers and spiritual leaders reached to this, among other truths: giving is receiving. Making someone smile will make you smile in return.

We hope to inspire those who get touched by our actions to do the same to their friends, family and strangers alike. WE can make a better world only by becoming a better version of ourselves. WE are the world. There is no such thing as too small of an action; everything has its consequence even if we see it or not.


I had a dream... that statement means a lot to many people. It meant the beggining of a new cultural era. How many thought it was pointless at the time? Many I`m sure; the majority of it. Yet look at what happened since smile emoticon

We can bring light and joy in one`s life by the simplest of actions. A smile, a flower or a good word. From there who knows what will happen?