Collective art

Open for enrollment


Art is something that touches people. So why not do it deliberately and as frequent as possible? 


I send a plea to all artists that whish to make a difference in people's lives, not just their own. I have in mind something that might inspire others to show compassion and understandment towards another. I think people want to be good, but they are a bit afraid and shy to do so; all they need is a little push. 


Appart from this, the project is an opportunity to meet other artists and collaborate amongst ourselves. Whoever is familiar with the history of art, more especially the Neo-Impresionistic period, they know something alike occured before... and it changed a lot and brought the world artists such as Van Gogh, Bernard, Signac and Toulouse-Lautrec. They formed what was called the artists of the petit boulevard and acted separately and in contrast with the already established artists and styles of the period. 


I think this is a great era that gives an amazing opportunity not just to create and inspire others, but also to be acknowledged by others; which is all an artist really wants most of the time. Information spreads at  the speed of thought; so why wouldn't it be our ideas and see what can happen? 


Different hights and fresh sources of inspiration can be obtained through collaboration with other minds. Two heads are better than one, right? 


Whoever is looking, can see that the world is in desperate need of dreamers; so join me and help share the vision with the world. 


For more information and possible future collaboration write me @