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“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 



I am a 30 years old, London based,

artist. My calling towards such

form of expression came in my early

20`s and, funny enough, by


In the month of October, 2014 I got

ahold of a broken canvas and

decided to see what it would come

out of it; it ended up in the piece

you see under the name 'Clar de luna'.


This gave birth to a process of self

discovery, painful at times but

always full of wonder, to which I stay

faithful to this day. 


Through this process I got to realise that life is some weird mixture of tragedy and comedy, with masks that we create for ourselves in order to better cope with different situations. It wasn`t long until I was able to identify and observe closely my own masks. Slowly they started crumbling and my true self is being discovered a bit more each day. 


What I now feel and see in others, and especially in myself, I express it through my art.

I believe everything that one creates has a deeper meaning strongly connected with our inner self, holding many answers as to what lies in one's mind and soul.

Consciosness and the expansion of it plays the main role in the lives of each and every one of us, being, however, quite ignored by our conscious awareness.


It is said a picture is worth 1000 words; what is a picture with a deeper meaning worth then? With strong and expressive images I hope to bring this to light in people who look at my work and make them wonder ' what is it that I hide? ' Creation is not only the one found in the already celebrated categories such as art, sculpture, literature, fashion etc. It can hide in a thought, a feeling, a joke, likes & dislikes, a sneeze. So sneeze away !! Don't hold back. Just remember to look at what you leave behind; maybe you can understand yourself a bit more from doing so.


I leave with you my creation; my thoughts, my feelings and fears & cravings.

I leave myself with you. 

I hope my art will inspire you, even if it`s in the slightest way possible.


All the best.


An Innerartist

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