This project aims to bring back in people`s hearts the concept of giving to others.


Without giving too much away, I will state that it will lead by example, with gifts for those who will be around when it will happen.

It will take place around new years eve, either before or after. The whole idea will revolve around the concept of love and how one can experience it by showing and giving love to others, receiving it in return as a consequence. 
It will attempt to make people smile and bring that feeling back with them home for their loved ones and strangers alike. 

Below there is a short story which will have representations in the form of paintings and every one will be able to identify with one of the momments; hopefully. Other ideas and themes will be represented but with a strong connection to the original one.

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A gift of love


Darkness is all around. From the outer world, beams of light bash in the field of unpenetrating images. Hope is almost gone for the little soul. Weighted down by the trees and creatures lurking in the shadows, he didn`t dare to think there is something else beside this in life. He renounced any hope of change. In fact, he doubted that the recollection of a life without suffering was part of reality; perhaps it was only in his imagination. Some crazy dreams maybe, that took him in a land of fairies and blue skies while feever was hijacking his wits. Days, years and centuries passed by, one muffling into the next. A grey, boundless cloud that rained on him regardless of a roof he might have found for shelter, until...

Trembeing in his weakness, he dares to look up from the ground. 
Somewhere in the deep forest of thoughts, a strange plant appeared. It was colorful and radiated a crown of warmth around itself. As a dance of spells, it called him with giggles and songs and feelings of affection. 
With feeble stepts, the soul aproached it and wondered at its glory. He knew it wasn`t from this world. He dared not touch it, in order not to break it. What to do then? The more time spent close to it the better he felt; he was now able to flatten his frowns away from his temples and a smile took over. Instantly, the wondrous plant was sucked into his body and spread its roots across his entire beeing.
As if the forest grasped what took place, it too began spreading its brances so light could come through from the outside. The heavy and sinister trees metamorphosized into beautiful protectors full of life, guiding him onto their path.

If before he was afraid to go beyond known surroundings, now he ventured into the unknown with full force. He saw rivers, mountains, stars and galaxies. Birds were singing all day through; flowers were blossoming beautifully, only to let his gaze rest upon them. He saw his creator and his end. Death smiled and waved at him and bid him farewell, for now was not his moment.

As time went by, he learnt that he can shape the forest and the stars, coordinating them into a magical dance of mysticism. He made friends with all animals that came across his path, he played with them and told them stories. Life was a bliss and he couldn`t conceive of asking for anything else; yet a longing for something more crept under his skin whenever he stopped to reflect.

The further he went new miracles happened at every turn. Trees were bringing their branches down to the ground and lifted him up into the sky. Whenever he threw himself into the abyss a bed of feathers opened its embrace catching him; then, as if by magic, he would end up under the shade of a tree.
The trees fed him in abundance. Every fruit and vegetable he could think of, nature and its children provided. One was sweeter that the other, yet no comparrison needed to be made as each one stood for itself and its greatness.
Every sunset was presenting a night sky full of galaxies and falling stars that kept appearing only for his wishes to come true. In the mornings father Sun was timidly picking him up from the womb of mother Earth, stroking his cheeks with rays of light and warmth. He was their child and they were his teachers and protectors.

One day while basking in the glory of light, as any day now was glorious, he heard a shriek that made his eyes close on their own, as if hiding from what startled him. It wasn`t natural like the sound of a flowing river or the roar of a bear, but strange and deep; it seemed he felt it with his body rather than actually hearing it. At that moment the forest trembled; the ground swallowed entire valleys and all that was part of them.

Scared, yet drawn by it, he came closer to where his feeling led him. At the summit of a high hill, he finally saw it. There it was, at the end of the slope, near a forrest. A sphere darker than night and deeper than the Universe was vibrating through screams and sobs. Slowly, the air arround it lost its color and vitality, as if disease infested it. 
He went closer and tried to peak inside. It hurt him when touching it so he kept his hands away.
For days he stayed nearby and walked arround it, creeping back a step or two when the shape came closer. Every night he would fall asleep, praying to Earth and Universe to show him what to do with this obstacle in a world so perfect until now. In his dreams, only a crying voice would surface and utter one word through its sobs. Remember. The following mornings he looked perplexed, scratching the top of his head, trying to understand what it is he needed to remember.

One morning, just when the night was saying its farewells for the day to follow, he had the same dream. This time, it so happened that the sphere grew so close that it touched him again. With a violent pull he woke up, having tears in his eyes and the same word on his lips. Somehow, the feeling of being hurt felt familiar. Pondering for a few minutes, he deliberately touched the field again, only now keeping his hands longer in the dark area. Tears were rolling down his cheek and the salty taste brought back memories of another life. He ventured inside with his entire body and started walking towards its centre. As his eyes adjusted to the grim realm so the air cleared up. He saw a small siluette crawled up at the bark of a tree, holding its knees at its chest, crying and hurting uncontrollably. Suddenly his previous life, the dark forest with red eyed creatures, came back pouring in his mind`s eye. He remembered an infinite of lightless days and nights, where the prospect of happiness was of the realm of fairies. Captured by his vissions, little attention he gave to the steps taken. When he came back to his senses he was in front of the siluette, which turned out to be another soul, just like him. He wanted to hold her and take all the pain away. He couldn`t bear to see such a delicate thing suffer so much. He wanted to rip his body appart and give her all of him just for a moment of stilness.

There was no separation between his thoughts and actions of his body, both were one. A light was shining from within, casting a spell of songs, gigles and warmth. Soft branches of light entangled the hurting soul from the dark, lifting its chin so it could face the light. He wondered if back then, when he found the plant in his forest, he looked just the same. The wonder and appreciation spread all across her face. This was something he`d never seen before. No miracle witnessed until then could come close in beauty and feeling. The more he saw the more he was willing to give away. And so he did.

Their surroundings began to brighten up to a point of turning colourful; the tangled shadowy tree behind her transformed into a fruit bearing and wise inhabitant of the forest. The red eyed ghosts turned into squirells, deer and birds. All started to come to life, yet somehow stopped in the middle. Everything was reflecting in her eyes. Her searching gaze tried to make sense of the stranger and his magic. Who was he and what trap did he set for her? All lasted for a fraction of a second, yet felt like eternity. Then she looked back at the glowing light and knew it was the essence of life that called her in. She knew that there and then, in her dark and cold forest, a divine presence was what she felt. And she gave in.

In response, all surroundings exploded in color and darkness was anihilated as one would overfill a baloon. Hand in hand they stood, looking each other in the eye and smiling uncontrolably. In synchrony, they hugged one another and the ground started falling behind under them. They were now among stars shining as bright as any. The Sun and Earth stood witness as the Universe tied their fates to one another. They lived hapily ever after; and they still do..through me and you.